"RIVERBEND" on the banks of the Clyde River at Nelligen
The jetty In Stuart Magee's book on the Clyde River he talks of the atmosphere he experiences - "peace" he says, "that you could carry in a bucket" and that is possible to find here at this bend in the river.

Sitting on the jetty, you can dangle a Huck Finn line from your big toe and hope that nothing takes the bait and so disturb your pleasant daydream. Here at Nelligen (pronounced, should you wish to know, with a hard "g"), you do get peace and quiet by the bucketful. There is no rush! This is the Land of Wait-a-While and our clocks are set to "Nelligen Time".

You know it's time for lunch (in the treehouse?) when the MERINDA river cruise passes by with a group of tourists from the Bay who, unlike you, are only allowed thirty minutes at Nelligen before being whistled back on board and returned, kicking and screaming, to the "real world" while you can enjoy afternoon tea or a "sundowner" on the verandah overlooking the river watching the boats or the sunset.

If you're interested in buying this property, why not book a week's stay at Riverbend Cottage and have a great holiday while giving your future home the ultimate 'acid test'? You wouldn't buy a car without a test-drive, would you? The vendors have nothing to hide and you have everything to gain!

But let's not wax too lyrical and consider more mundane things:
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