Map of "Riverbend"

Individual measurements:

Block 1 is 3313m²
Block 2 is 3617m²
Block 3 is 3743m²
Block 4 is 3743m²
Block 5 is 3667m²
Block 6 is 3515m²
Block 7 is 3389m²
Closed Road is approx. 4220m²
total approx. 29200m² or 7.3 acres
total waterfrontage approx. 400m
width (waterfrontage) of blocks ranges from 40.235m to 47.675m
length (depth running from waterfrontage to eastern boundary) of blocks ranges from 84.49m to 94.55m
Closed Road being Lot 1 is 20.115m wide and approx. 210m long
each block is on a separate title deed